WINTER DEAL – Dual uMp-4 micromanipulator system with flexible and conducting grounding cables

16 640,00 

Pre-configured uMp-4 dual micromanipulator system including Neuropixel recording probe adapters


Touch screen control unit for operating uM-products

2 340,00 
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Rotary wheel remote interface with 4 wheels

1 260,00 
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uMp-4 × 2

Four axis manipulator with bolt-on mounting base

5 670,00  each
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uMp-FLP × 2

Stand module providing flip function for uMp-micromanipulators

510,00  each
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uMp-RHL × 2

Rod holder adapter for mounting rod-like items

170,00  each
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uMp-NPR-200 × 2

Extension rod for uMp-NPH adapter head

55,00  each
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uMp-NPH × 2

Adapter head for Neuropixel V1.0 probes

115,00  each
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Grounding cable set including cables and adapters for flexible grounding

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