Single Probe Neuropixel Rig

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Introducing our latest product, a cutting-edge probe positioning system that allows for easy and reproducible placement of over 25 probes. With this system, researchers and scientists can confidently conduct experiments with improved tissue health and accuracy.  Set includes:

        • 1 uMp-3 NP micromanipulator
        • 1 uMp-RNG ring stand (120 deg) to mount arm on the table
        • 1 uMp-ARM arm to hold micromanipulator in adjustable angle
        • 1 uMp-RHL rod holder
        • 1 uMp-NPR200 rod
        • 1 uMp-NPH Neuropixel holder or uMp-NPH-2 Neuropixel 2.0 holder
        • 1 uMp-TSC touch screen controller
        • 1 uMp-RW3 rotary wheel remote interface with 3 wheels

Note: Animal holder isn’t included